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A cementitious composition for grouting made of high-quality materials with high homogeneity that is resistant to water and organic pigments. It is used for gaps from 0 - 15 mm on all types of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone for internal and external uses. Available in multiple colors.


White cement glue works as an adhesive for indoor and indoor use and is used on tiles with high and medium absorption.


White cement glue adhesive for all types of tiles and porcelain, made from a mixture of high-quality bonded materials, manufactured according to C1TE specifications. It gives the tiles high adhesion strength and flexibility in installation with a time period of no less than 30 minutes before the adhesive dries. It is suitable for internal and external uses and is characterized by its high resistance to water and weather factors.


White cementitious adhesive glue manufactured with special materials for use in swimming pools. It gives high adhesion strength and water resistance. It is used with all types of swimming pool ceramics, porcelain, and glass mosaics.